Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016 THE YEAR OF HOUSE CLEANING there are some good Republicans and some good Democrats the rest that have been milking the process for years need to go. The so called TEA PARTY congress men and women that have brought their ideas to congress this term need to understand compromise and get on the bus or they will be under the bus. We as Americans understand sacrifice as a result of the Bush and Obama administrations. It will take some sacrifice with tax reform and the elimination of the budget fat that the congress men and women have turned a blind eye to for years. The spending habits are those of (don't worry today we will fix it tomorrow) politicians that do not understand the true AMERICAN IDEALS.
I am a 67 year old common sense American, a Purple heart DAV Veteran with a patriotic pride that reflects in everything I do. I am not a Democrat or a Republican I am a free thinking common sense Independent for a strong non wavering free America. We the People Rule and to many have forgotten this.

I as an AMERICAN was appalled with the behavior of our congress and especially the President and his supposed crack team of economists. (HA) I have never seen a grown man in such a high level position put his tail between his legs and totally look the other way as this President did. He is not a leader!!!

I propose as an Independent candidate the following changes:
  1. Employment and getting this country back to work by tax reform and repairing our badly decaying infrastructure, sitting down with the steel industries and textile manufactures, bolster our farm aid to the small farmers and get our cotton industries moving again, stop all the bickering over coal with the new technologies this is a very viable source of energy, defeat  the Keystone pipeline to get moving, stop fracking until proven safe for the environment , stop the h1b and h2b visas until our college graduates are employed and bring jobs back to America from Overseas. Increase the minimum wage to 12.50 per hour escalating 50 cents per hour for the next 5 years.
  2. Foreign Trade I will stop all trade agreements and renegotiate them to make them more favorable to the to American industries and severe penalties for American companies moving overseas by increasing their import taxes and profits made overseas. Protect our technologies from being stolen by China, Russia, Japan and Others. Stop all land purchases of American properties by foreign countries not letting them have total ownership. Protecting the small farmers from large foreign corporations. 
  3. Tax Reform and Equalization with a no tax under 30,000 per year 5% on income under 50,000, 10% on income from 50,000 to 150,000, 15% for all individuals above 200,000, 25% for all the individuals above 500,000 revisit deductions and remove the loopholes that have been over looked for so long. No tax on Social Security or retirement benefits. No tax on Military pay for our troops. A 1.5% increase in the Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes for individuals and a 1.5% increase in the employers Social Security contribution. Also a 3.5% employer contribution to Medicare. A 25% flat tax on all business profits, a 2% national sales tax on all items except medical, educational, mortgage related and food items all else.(boats, cars, planes, electronics, furniture). Restructure the IRS and limit their power to audit with out just cause.
  4. Immigration Reform and the restructuring of the visa’s issued to foreign workers and students, enforcing the student visas time limits so if they drop out they cannot join the work force. Issue temporary work visas to the migrant farm and seasonal workers currently working here illegally and deport all that have criminal past. I will not sign up to blanket amnesty. Enhance vetting for all entering from  middle eastern countries and flagging possible jihadist or other radical individuals and not accepting large blocks of Syrian refugees.
  5. Social Security and Medicare Reform and the restructuring of the benefits so the American retiree can survive on his or her earned retirement. Increase the benefits to where they can survive and remove the income restrictions up 50,000 annually. Merge Medicare with Obamacare, reform Obamacare and remove the mandatory insurance requirement and penalties, Take away the governments rights to access individuals bank accounts under Obamacare.
  6. Education Reform to make our children the best educated in the free world by providing qualified teachers, making sure that math, reading, sciences are at the top of the lesson plans. Getting rid of Common Core. Putting sports and the arts back into the schedules and allowing our children the right to put fun back into the school systems and them be children again.
  7. Balance Budget amendment and the elimination by the use of line item veto's funding abuse, there is far too much special interest group fat in the budget that needs to be eliminated. Eliminate the add-ons that are added to the budget every year and other bills where they attach spending provisions to fraudulently get them by the budget.
  8. Restructuring of Defense and Military spending and cost overruns by making our Military the leanest meanest and best trained in the modern world, beefing up our troop count and providing them with the latest proven technology to enable them to strike fast and get out of harms way. Using them only when we ourselves or our interest are directly threatened
  9. Term Limits for Congress the free ride is over and they need to buckle down and take care of the grass roots Americans instead of their own pockets. I propose a limit of three (3) two year terms for the House and two (2) 6 year terms for the Senate with no special retirement benefits. They will depend on and contribute to Social Security and Medicare just like every other American. Impose salary standards for when they do not show up for sessions taking place and a bill is on the floor.
  10. Repeal of the Patriot Act and restructuring while reforming TSA to put back in place our liberties. Reform the departments of EPA, FEMA, Treasury, Federal Reserve and our international trade guidelines.
  11. Social Issues I am for Pro-life with the exception of rape, incest, and the woman chooses the option to abort the fetus or when the woman's life is threatened. I am for Gay rights of Civil Union not Marriage. I believe in the right to bare arms and oppose automatic weapons. I oppose the full Legalization of Marijuana for any use other than medical. I approve of the Death Penalty when thoroughly proven with DNA results and multiple murders are done.
  12. Reinforce our constitution and bill of rights to insure our for fathers did not die in vain for what they believed in.